Icefall Lodge – Day 4 – Kemmel and Orbit Bowl

Video and GPS

Tuesday the sun appeared. Game on. Lee and Trevor wanted to do some crazy epic so I joined Stu and that crew since he expressed an interest in checking out Orbit bowl. 12 of us headed up Kemmel to Ice pass, we did a nice pow run on Kemmel SE face, had a look towards Ice Box but didn’t want to venture to far since it was our first real alpine day. We did a couple runs on a nice slope off Ice Pass then headed down towards Orbit Bowl.

Kemmel Glacier

Having lunch near Ice Pass

Nice Pow on Kemmel SE Ridge

Small slope on a ridge near Ice Pass

View of Kemmel SE slope from ridge on Ice Pass

Heading towards Orbit bowl, Diamond Glacier in the back.

Skinning up the trees at 2000m

Orbit Bowl, really nice, but SW facing bowl that didn’t too much sun but was getting cooked today!

Top of Orbit looking down to Alien bowl. Alien bowl should be accessible from the ramps. We set of a pretty big Avalance remotely that took out most of Orbit Bowl. This left the group feeling a bit conservative so we headed back down Orbit bowl and took the long tour back the way we came.

Photo by Rob M.

Avalanche on Orbit Bowl ( photo by Duncan McColl).

Other side of Orbit Bowl looking up at the ridge we got to.

Pretty happy we stayed left in the bowl to skin up!

Size three avi in Orbit Bowl.

Back at Lodge, Lee and Duncan get to do dishes.

Lee, Bruce  and Trevor headed out to the Laclytte side.  I would put up GPS but Trevor won’t send it.   Their day went something like this:  Keffi Pass – Laclytte – Crampon Col – Sharkfin – Laclytte N face – Groove Tube – Espresso Couloirs (Lee skinned up Single) then back

Trev dropping off Keffi Pass to the Laclytte Moraine

Bruce on the glacier

Laclytte approaching Crampon Col – looking S

Lyell Icefield looking to the Lyells

Crampon Col and the Lyell Icefield peeking out

Lee dropping off Crampon Col

Sharkfin looking down Deep Space

Laclytte N Face looking S to Icefall and Rostrum

Trevor at the Laclytte window looking to Kemmel

Lee – Groove Tube


Trevor – Groove Tube

Espresso Chutes

Lee dropping off Single


View of Forbes

Heading back to the hut


2000m climbing


Icefall Lodge – Orbit Bowl at EveryTrail

Kemmel – Ice Pass- Home Run bluebird pow (and the lone scorpion telemarker) from Lee Lau on Vimeo.


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