Moab 2018 – Spring Road Trip to the Sun Part 2

Moab – Kickstart your legs for MTB Season

Our next three days of riding we were joined by our friends Kevin and Carl and we explored the more classic trails – Navajo Rocks, Pothole Arch/Rockstacker and Enchilada.

Links to Athena, Klonzo, Mag7/7Up.

Day 4 – Hike to Arches and Moab Brand trails.

The hike to the Delicate Arch took us less then three hours. Worth it I’d say. The Moab Brand trails are used during Outerbike since they offer short loops of varying difficulty. We did a short ride here since it was HOT. If you’re looking for a short day of riding Moab Brand is worthwhile.

Moab Brand Trails – Good area for a short rip

Strava Ride Log

Trailforks Ride Log

Follow the dots!

Awesome views, desert in bloom

Day 5 – Navajo Rocks – One of the newer loop area created by Trail Mix and well worth a visit anytime. They say its getting busy so it’s recommended to ride the big loop in a clockwise direction. We started at the bottom of the network and rode Rocky Tops/Coney Island/Big Lonely/Big Mesa/Ramblin. If you don’t have the time or energy ride Big Loney/Big Mesa/Rampbing and either shuttle or ride the road to complete the loop.

Next time we may park at the mid point – Big Mesa/Ramblin and start with Ramblin and finish on Big Mesa to end with a descent.

Strava Ride Log

Trailforks Ride Log

Slickrock of Rocky Tops

Desert blooming on Big Lonely

Big Mesa’s of Big Mesa

Day 6 – Hymasa to Pothole to Rockstacker. While we were going to ride Capt Ahab, our friend Kevin joined us and he wanted to go ride to Pothole Arch. Its been awhile since we did this ride and we were glad we did. The return on Rockstacker was also worth a revisit to ride some of the technical features there. After this we opted to ride down Hymasa instead of Cap Ahad as a change. It also is a worthy descent.

Strava and Trailforks log


Trailforks Ride Log

Again well signed.

Awesome slickrock rolls to Pothole Arch

Techy descent into Rockstacker

Day 7 – Enchilada We haven’t ridden the Enchilada in 6 years. Kevin and Carl both wanted to so we did. We heard it was beat, but it wasn’t! It’s still a classic. The newer Jimmy Keen is a good 1 hour additional single track loop on this ride. The trail is busy though so be respectful.

Strava Ride Log

Trailforks Ride Log

Climbing at 2800m, yeah.

Jimmy Keen Loop

View point

Slickrock on UPS.

No photos the rest of the ride since its just FAST.

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