Rockies – Powderface Ridge

There are some rides you have this need to do again when visiting your favorate area. The first time was 1993, the second time was 1999, this will be the third time for me to ride this trail. It doesn’t get easier, it doesn’t get less impressive.

We parked at the corner of Powderface Trail ( 2wd road ) and Hwy 66. Little Elbow Campground is down the road in the distance.

We warm up with a 7.1km spin on the Powderface Trail

The 7.0km climb to the ridge begins in ernest.

Nihahi Ridge is ever present in the distance

After all the rain that has fallen the traction is pretty good! But you can see how the trail is worn!

Our first view of the ridge as we enter the sub-alpine zone

Here the air thins and the trail becomes more rocky

As we enter the alpine the views open up

Nihahi Ridge

A horse outfit from Moose Mountain on their trusted steeds.

This area is shared by hikers, mountain bikers, horseback riders and ranging cattle!

One thing about rain, it really brings out the Alpine Flowers in this harch climate

We pause to take in this amazing vista!

The ever present contrast of existence and persistence on the ridge

We start the descent and enter this meadow where you can look down the Elbow River Valley. On the left of the picture the haze you see is rain. It missed us this day!

The grass was just bursting with flowers!

A closer look at the Elbow River Valley

We continue our descent. In 2.7 km we descend 600meters! Whoopie!

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