Rogers Pass – Grizzly Shoulder again – Feb 27, 2006

It’s snowed another 25 cms on top of the light snow we had yesterday. Not quite the same

insubstantial ethereal snow as before but still a lot of it. This time Adrian takes his turn digging out the car; now we start getting worried that the hotel roof will avvy so I move it. We head over to the Discovery Centre for the expected bad news; its not too surprising that all the permit areas are closed. Frequent Flyer – one of the lower treed runs also went pretty big.

As conditions are more hazardous then before and even treed areas like Loop Brook (permit closure) and Mcgill Shoulder/Bostock (too low – probably raining) are shut down we head back to Grizzly Shoulder.

Here’s the roof of the Best Western just after I move the car. One slab hits where the rooftop box would have been. Later that day the whole ice sheet goes .. ouch.

The old Rogers Pass/Connaught Creek trick is to get going later in the morning so some poor soul has to break trail. I do my best – dawdling over coffee; lending out my Tankers to some guy from Colorado who managed to lose one ski yesterday; but when we set out bright and early at the crack of 9 am ; here I am again – breaking trail!

The following is a series of more gratuitous powder nipple deep shots. Just a buttload of snow; lighter then coastal snow but we were pretty spoiled after yesterday. Still amazing …..

First is Adrian

Sharon giving er

Mark from Santa Fe joins in on run 2.

Jeff from Colorado who used to be from Santa Fe

Sid from Santa Fe

On 2 laps today we covered 1470m/4851ft over 5hours and 50 minutes. Towards the end of the day the snow deteriorated significantly as the warming trend became more pronounced so we called it early. The next day it rained down to the Pass so we took off back to Vancouver leaving us plenty of time to sample the joys of the Revy bakery.

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