Save Montana Biking Trails – provide comments by Oct 9, 2018

Montana Trails are once again under threat of closure due to vast sections of alpine accessible trails being placed under threat of closure to mountainbiking. For more indepth comment on this issue read this piece by Vernon Felton previously on Pinkbike about why mountainbiking is under threat of being banned on alpine, sub-alpine and forested Montana trails while other activities are allowed – see “Banned in the USA – part 3“.

Write a comment back to the US Forest Service supporting Alternative C to allow biking on Montana trails.

To keep it simple; here is the massive USFS forest plan. Comment via this form


My comment

“I am a visitor to the area from Canada. I enjoy Montana’s superb biking trails and outdoors. I support Alternative C to allow biking on Montana trails. I suggest amendment by dropping the Elkhorns area from the DEIS proposal which would allow biking in the Elkhorns area not only by Helena Montana locals but also by in-state and out-of-state visitors”


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