Sol Mountain Lodge – Laidback Merlot Ces’t Bon – Backcountry Lodge in BC

Sol Mountain Lodge – Backcountry Skiing in BC

Day 1 Crystal Vision Barkerville, Blind Faith || Day 2 Chicken Knob || Day 4 – Merlot/Ces’t Bon

Day 3 it was PUKING! Temps stayed at Zero for much of the day, but it continued to snow. Aaron and James took us to some well protected trees in the Laid Back and Banana Belt area. We had a good day and managed to stay relatively dry. Day 4 temperatures dropped down to -10, with 10cm of new snow on the previous days warmer 20cm. The previous nights winds and warmer temps told the guides that the best snow would be between 2200m and 1700m. This took us to Merlot, Premiem Red and Ces’t Bon area. We had great skiing in these zones with the last run of the day from Merlot back to the lodge as the skies started to clear!

On our last day, the skies were blue and temps dropped to -18. Good set up for the next group!

Each morning people would sit around, read, check weather, drink coffee and eat

Each morning Irene prepared lunches and Dom cooked breakfast.


Did I mention 5 indoor toilets!

Lee checking snow levels!

Aaron out shoveling snow!

Then we go up! To Laid Back

Lee STILL has to go break trail.

Then we POW DOWN!



Oh no! Syd goes BOOM!

Deep snow!

The snow lets off and we are able to get to the ridge of Laid Back

Amy – use those goggles!




Audry, Daniel and MC chat in French. The Quebeckers seem to love Sol Mountain Lodge; they have very good taste.

Dom, Irene and Dave prepare plates for dinner

Lamb! Yum!


Merlot, Ces’t Bon – Our last day started out snowing, but the forcast was for sun. With 10cm of -10oC snow on top of yesterdays 20cm at zero degrees we were in for some deep supported POW

Back at er the next day to cooler temps and still overcast

Teases of clearing throughout the day, Baldur in the back, Chicken Knob just under the clouds.

Aaron and French Connection in the back.

Who hired this clown?

Chris gets out his colours!

Simon getting loose!

Fred finding pow

Back up to Merlot for the last lodge run

Amy and Chris with the Christmas Card shot

Chris on the last run! The sun starts to peak out!

Back to the lodge

More lodge Chillin’

Dinner is being prepared!

And desert

Did we mention Three showers in addition to the FIVE indoor toilets ! oh and a Sauna! Which I never used, but most everyone else did.

The crew! Dominique, Audry, Dave, Wit, Dave, Fran, Amy, Sharon, Chris, Sue, Daniel, Rick, Janet, Lee, MC, Simon, Mac, Irene, Sydney, Fred, Betsy, Aaron, James, Dom

Clear sailing on Exchange day!

Movescount Data for Day 3 and 4

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