South Chilcotin August 2014; Day 5 – Windy Pass – Bluffs Ridgelines – Eldorado

This is a sinple but high quality route often done as a day trip by way of a Warner floatplane drop but because we had time we split into two days. Our morning started with a lazy breakfast at Trigger Lake. Weather had improved and Tyax’s floatplane dropped off a group that went by on their way out as we were chowing down.

From Trigger Lake we made our way past Hummingbird then on to Spruce. Following Spruce we started climbing up Windy where we ran into multiple biking groups probably doing day trips. Although I sound like a broken record none of the groups made any sound whatsoever; elementary precautions be damned. After getting to Windy we chilled at the pass watching the weather improve and enjoying warm winds that kept bugs away. Trevor and I then headed up the bluffs to ride more ridgelines while Bryce continued down Windy to the Eldorado Creek drainage where we planned to meet.

Although smoke and fires still were causing hazy skies the views were ethereal and we dawdled on the ridgelines. Finally we made it down to join Bryce at Eldorado where we picked a campsite that afforded views of the bluffs. Another fine sunset resulted as weather kept improving slowly but surely. Dinner was more boil-in-a-bag and lots of assorted miscellanous foodstuff as we pretty much ate through our emergency food – there’s no point in carrying that out!

Day 5′s action – basic route that offers no surprises.

Still broken clouds looking to Warner Pass – taken at Hummingbird Lake from the E looking W


Approaching the Spruce Lake area as Gun Creek flows milky white

Pushing up to Windy Pass with hazy air accompaniment from forest fires

Approaching Windy Pass

Up from Windy Pass another 150m to the bluffs

On the bluffs as Trevor looks for more butter

Hazy air made for sun rays

Winding the way down the ridgelines looking S then SE towards the Dickson Range and Eldorado drainages

Mountain goats chilling

Superb trail on the ridge

Eldorado views looking N to NE – Harris Ridge views

Dropping down to Eldorado Creek



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