Switzerland 2014-Day 4-Moiry-to-BecsDeBosson-Climb

Switzerland 2014 – Valais – Brig, St Luc, Becs de Bosson and Crans Montana.

Switzerland once again calls, this time we choose to explore some lesser knows areas with Martin Buetler of Alpine-Trails. As a local rider he knows where to ride, when and the best way to hook up the WanderWegs.

We wish to thank Tourism Switzerland, Valais Tourism, Brig Simplon Tourism, Sierre Anniviers, and Crans Montana for their support.

Day 4-Moiry-to-BecsDeBosson-Climb

This part of our week involved a climb from 2250m starting at Switzerland’s biggest lake Lac de Moiry.  We ascend to to 2985m finishing at the Cabin Becs De Bosson. This cabin has been in this spot for many years, but has been run by a new family since 2010. They have made it more welcoming to hikers and bikers by having sleeping areas for 62 people in dorms with duvets that sleep 4, 8, 10, 12 or 16 people. You can spend part of the day, evening or night, they will feed you, you can buy beer and hang out at a cool mountain hut.

At the pass just below the Cabin – Pass De Lona at 2787m’s the Swiss cross country epic Grand Raid goes by. I think this cabin would be most popular in the winter for ski touring since the terrain looks amazing from all sides! But there are no trees at this elevation.

The climb can be done in 4 hours at a slack taking pictures pace.  Since we were planning to overnight there we took our time.


Moiry – Sex de Marinda – Becs de Bosson from Lee Lau on Vimeo



We take the PostAuto bus to Moiry Lake from Vissoie

First we have Cafe!

So, it takes hikers 3:50 to get there. Ok.

The climb is mostly road of a good grade, the weather was cool at this elevation but was promising.

The Moiry glacier was watching us as we climbed

We did have a concerning rain storm that we hid from

Then we continued to the first pass, you can see the cabin from this pass between the two peaks in the distance

Bit of single track to descend before we go back up

Then we are at the second pass (Pass Lona) at 2787m where the Grand Raid passes by

Amazing views surround; this of the Weisshorn wreathed in clouds

Singaporeans drop in to a small descent

After the next small climb is another short descent then the final hike-a-bike push to the cabin

Photo by Martin Buetler – Alex and Shafudin’s reaction when they saw they had to go down, before the last push up!  Come on guys just a short 300m ramble straight up!

The view of the small knoll before the final push to the cabin

The highest Singaporeans in Switzerland!

View of Sex De Marinda and the route we came down before we went back up

Cabin Becs de Bosson 2985m and what a view

Having a beer watching the others come up

Dinner, first we have soup, then a big hearty dish

Common Area – Photo by Mus Ismadi

Overview map of the area

From Moiry 13.8km, 5hrs, 1000m Climbing, 260m Descending

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