Switzerland 2014-Day 5-BecsDeBosson-to-Sion

Switzerland 2014 – Valais – Brig, St Luc, Becs de Bosson and Crans Montana.

Switzerland once again calls, this time we choose to explore some lesser knows areas with Martin Buetler of Alpine-Trails. As a local rider he knows where to ride, when and the best way to hook up the WanderWegs.

We wish to thank Tourism Switzerland, Valais Tourism, Brig Simplon Tourism, Sierre Anniviers, and Crans Montana for their support.

Day 5-BecsDeBosson-to-Sion

We wake to a nice sunrise to the east and rain in every other direction. Guess there is no rush. Sleeping in the cabin was very comfortable and this time of year, sunrise is your alarm. We chilled in the cabin, had some breakfast and waited for the clouds to break before venturing out. Dressed in all our warm gear, we figure it’s time to go.

The weather gods were with us and conditions improved the whole way down.  Picking our way down through singletrack from heaven descending through meandering alpine meadows and traversing ridgelines is the stuff of which dreams are made.  Looking back this still seems like an experience from another world – picking your way down through technical singletrack while surrounded by Swiss glaciers.

Eventually ending up at valley bottom at 700m we climbed back another 300m to the main road to Sion down the Val d’Herens.  Another lunch at a charming Valais village at Vex ensued.  We then transferred via SBB to Sierre where we took the funicular to our next stop.  Typische Schweiz  

Becs de Besson to Val d’Herens from Lee Lau on Vimeo.


Grey early skies

Made for a moody morning

Off we go, regardless, to traverse the ridge

Not before a group shot under the cross – Mus, Sharon, Alex, Martin, Lee, Shafudin

We continue across the high peaks

We are nothing, can’t you see?

Given a chance, the mountains would make that so

But continue on we go

Not balking at the sharp rocks these Singaporeans go

Following the one eyed china-mans unyielding glow

As Alex carves through these alpine slopes

The ridge beckons

The trail does not wait

The Horizon ever eludes us

The trails twist to the towns

Lower Lower we ride

Through the pastures we do glide

Don’t fall down, ever closer we get to town

Until again we must climb

Until back to the safety of town

Becs de Bosson to Sion 30km 6:40, 340m Climbing, 2238m Descending

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