Switzerland Vacation Davos Day 9 Pischahorn with the Swiss from Unterageri


What day is it? Or right, Sunday our day of rest. NO WAIT! This is the only day the Swiss guys we met on their trip to Canada could ride. And these guys like to pedal. Ugh.

Rene has a plan, only a little climb! Only 1100m of climbing on a 31km day off ride. Cool.

We catch the bus from Lenzerheide to Davos and meet them at Davos Platz. We walk a short distance up hill to Hotel Strela, a biking hotel where we stay for four nights. With this hotel we had room and board which includes breakfast (yum) and dinner ( could be missed). Next time we’ll just do breakfast and eat out at some other restaurants that offer variety.┬áHotel Strela is one of the 10 bike hotels in Davos offering special deals on meals, lift tickets and accomodations for mountain bikers.

Hotel Strela

Without further adieu, we climb. Joel patiently lets the wanderweggers pass.

We continue to climb, the ridge in the background is our destination. Isn’t that a gondola up there????

We stopped at a Berghaus and have coke and beer before the BIG climb.

We go up.

Yup, its a multipurpose trail!

We look down on the road we crossed from the less steep climb.

I can climb this section!

Rest stop at the top of the first big climb.

Andy, Roman, Joel, Guido, Rene, Lee and Bryce

Roman, Joel, Bryce and Rene

Then we go across, and up.

Oh Look! A Gondola station! But it doesn’t run in the summer.

Nice ridge line trail.

Three swiss green team !

Now we go down! Joel can’t wait! 2444m to ~1575m

Davos down below

Rene and Roman head on down!



Sharon, Guido and Andy

Joel, still has a ways to go

The last pitch.

Some beer and sun at the lake.

Davos Pischahorn, Graubuenden at EveryTrail

Video of Pischachorn

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