Switzerland Vacation St Moritz Day 13 and 15 – Suvretta pass and other trails in the ski area

This story covers two days.
Thursday Sept. 15th and Sept 17th.for St. Moritz Laps

We were up bright and early for breakfast and to catch the second train to Celerina for another day of riding. We wanted to get in as much riding in the next few days since the weather was forcasted to turn.

The train took us through a bunch of spiraling tunnels until we reached our destination – Celerina. We stayed here instead of in St. Moritz since it has just as easy gondola access and is a cheaper nice little town. We stayed at the Inn Lodge. Inn Lodge is a Bike Hotel that has a hose, bike storage and free laundry!

We got our bike gear together and headed to the Marguns Gondola for our first grueling 525m climb.

Then we had to pedal

Most of the ski area climbing was on roads. I can handle that.

We stopped at the Alpina Hutte but didn’t eat cause it was pretty windy. Incredible views of the 3000m peaks and glaciers beyond though!

View of St. Moritz and the lakes in the valley below.

We are now rounding the pass

The Glaciers here were probably incredible at one time.

Great trail here.

We now head down to Suvretta Lake. You can ride down to St. Moritz from here, or go as we did to Bever.

Lake Junction

Heading down to Bever on Suvretta Da Samedan

Cool waterfall and techy section

We stop at Spinas for some refreshements.

Elevation Profile

St. Moritz – Suvretta Pass at EveryTrail


Saturday Sept. 17th. This day we rode up to Bernina pass again and then did a couple more runs off the St. Moritz Funiculars.

We rode the trail Alp Nova  –  very fun.

First we ride through St. Moritz. Lee loving Credit Suisse.

I think this watch would go great with my gloves!

Eat your heart out Bogner!

Then we head up the Chantarella Funicular

As it was an exhausting climb, we had to have struedle at the Corviglia Restaurant

Then we go down! We rode Alp Nova, it was so good and the weather was going to turn so we rode it again!



We rode under the funicular

Alp Nova shots

Back at the Inn Lodge after another great day of riding.


St. Moritz – Bernina pass funicular laps at EveryTrail


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