Switzerland 2014-Day 2-St.Luc-Planetenweg-Zinal

Switzerland 2014 – Valais – Brig, St Luc, Becs de Bosson and Crans Montana.

Switzerland once again calls, this time we choose to explore some lesser knows areas with Martin Buetler of Alpine-Trails. As a local rider he knows where to ride, when and the best way to hook up the trails/Wanderwegs.

We wish to thank Tourism Switzerland, Valais Tourism, Brig Simplon Tourism, Sierre Anniviers, and Crans Montana for their support.

For Day two we were joined by two riders from Singapore representing SingaporeMTB – Shafudin Jaya and Mus Ismadi. They have had limited time in the mountains so were suitably impressed. Needless to say their stoke level made up for their smoke breaks! Samuel Noodlez Hubschmid also joined us, taking a break from his work making mountain biking in Switzerland legal and building bike communities with Trailnet.ch.

This one was a half day for us as we picked up the Singaporeans after they travelled from Zurich Airport to Visp. We then drove over to St Luc just a short distance from Visp.

After bikes were built and luggage unpacked we headed off for a half day ride. This basically involved a traverse of the SE side of Val d’Anniviers along alpine trails bordering the ski hill runs. Then we descended down the trails from the high alpine to valley floor at Zinal then back to Vissoie. Return was by Post Auto bus to St Luc to our magnificent Hotel Bella Tolla.

St-Luc – Planetenweg – Zinal from Lee Lau on Vimeo.


Visp HBH with Alpine Trails van and trailer

St Luc and Bella Tola Historic Hotel. 1670m.

Getting ready to go for a ride at Bella Tola

Our first climb up the Funiculaire

Top of Tignousa at 2180m – Noodlez, Martin, Shafudin, Lee

Lee discovers ultimate cheese bread aka Käseschnitte aka Croute au fromage nature

The wonderful Swiss Maps that put ours to shame

The climb to the Weisshorn at 2337m. There are two riders on the road.

Gratuitous descents by Lee and Noodlez

Hotel Weisshorn view at 2337m on Planetenweg – named for the models of the 9 planets and the sun that lines the Weg.

We start the traverse on Planetenweg. Up on the skyline is Halley’s comet.

We turn down a trail to Zinal appropriate at a wonderful view of the Zinal Glacier

We continue across the valley

We stop for lunch and enjoy the view of the Zinal Glacier.

We are allowed to pass by the Chue sentinals guiding the wegs, paying homage to the scheisse that stuck to our tires.   All hail chue flade, merda de la muca, muti e lopas, merde de vache, kráva hovno

Zinal Weg

We stayed at the hotel Bella Tola, a Swiss historic hotel that was very homey and which had great style.  The staff were incredibly friendly, the food exquisite.  Basically it’s a great place to stay in this astoundingly beautiful part of Switzerland. Check out their reviews at Trip Advisor.

The spa at Bella Tola. This hotel has been run by Anne (a hometown girl from Chippis) and Claude for 18 years. They truly take pride in this Historic hotel making everyone feel at home.

Mathilde and Michaele wear traditional dress providing fantastic customer service.  Stylish, classy rooms at the Bella Tola.

Today’s stats – 25km, 4hrs, 420climb, 1410m Descent

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