Whistler Backcountry – Cowboy Ridge

February 9 is another bluebird day up high and this time we’re off to familiar old staple of Whistler’s backcountry in Singing Pass.

Myself posing on Flute

Quickly past Piccolo, and down Flute’s backside, here is Steve on Oboe.

Mid and skier’s left on Oboe glades are pretty tracked out. We made the call to go to skiers’ right and were rewarded with fresh lines.

From Oboe we’re off to Cowboy Ridge again. Its pretty warm today. Certainly above freezing and the skin track is in the sun.

A natural slide (class 1) is visible to skier’s left on a sun-baked west facing slope. We play it safe the first run down hugging the side of the run close to trees.

Steve skiing off the convex roll at the top of the slope. It did look pretty stable and didn’t respond to ski-cutting at all.

Here I am. If I look tired its because my legs are dead.

Here’s a view from the top just before the 2nd run showing the north flank of the Spearhead traverse.

The 2nd run we take right down the middle of the slope. My turns (all 53 – I counted) are to the left of Steves. I need some of those speed injections for my legs now!

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