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The Life and Times of Lee and Sharon

The Life and Times of Sharon and Lee







2000 and before

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Jan 3rd/4th 2004 Skiing: Diamond Head and Mt. Baker

Jan 30-Feb-1/04 Powder Days Skiing Whistler/Blackcomb Inbounds
The Backcountry!

Feb 6th-8th/04 Oh God, Not more Powder.
Inbounds with only 20cm
|| Blackcomb Backcountry||
More Whistler Backcountry

Feb 14 2004 Mt. Rohr - Fresh Tracks One Week Later!

Feb 22nd 2004 Zoa - Cutting up the Coquihalla!

Feb 27th/28th - More Exploring in Blackcomb and Chief Pascal

March 6th/7th - Powder in March???

April 2nd - Powder on the Chief!


Vomit Launch

Lee Windsurfing at Nitinat lake in 2004

The Magura Reps going on a Product Test Ride!


Kevin Foote on the Sunshine Coast


Kevin rippen on the shore!



New York Aikikai
40th Anniversary
Summer Camp