Arizona Road Trip – Phoenix and Sedona with Pivot Bikes

Riding in Phoenix and Sedona.

Videos || GPS Tracks

Our escape to the sun trip this year took us to Phoenix and Sedona. With the easy affordable flight on Allegiant Air out of Bellingham and renting a car we were able to get down pretty cheap. Pivot Cycles graciously lent us a couple of bikes for the trip so we didn’t have to pack ours down. We also had the privilege of touring the Pivot warehouse while in Phoenix, details can be seen here.

Our first day we rode with Chris Cocalis, owner of Pivot Cycles, in his back yard. Great ambassador to the sport and his company. South Mountain, the largest municipal park in the US, is about a 15 minute ride from the Pivot warehouse and a great test ground for his bikes.

We did his breakfast loop before the heat of the day.

The next day we went back to South Mountain to get in some more technical goodness.

We stayed with our friend Benet who we met in Canada on a backcountry ski trip. He’s skied with us on two subsequent trips, now it was our turn to visit him in the hot hot sun.

Benet even tried the Firebird! I think he may be more of a mach 5.7 rider though.

Must of been wet, the Saguaro were blooming!

The Lizards were growing new tails. Must be spring in the desert!

Taking in the view of Phoenix. What a sprawling city!

National Trail.

Top of Telegraph before the descent.

McDowell park, fast flowy xc trails with big Saguaro!

And cholla to keep you on the trail.

Staying at Benets was great! Lee really liked the cool hot tub!

Tracy and Tango wanted our food!

Thanks Cheryl and Benet for putting us up!

Then we were off to the coolness of Sedona to ride with John again. Nice new white Jersey John! John had a bunch of people to ride with. Janet Levy, Deb, Larry, Bruce, Trey, Natalie, Kevin and Greg.

We stayed at Orchards Inn in uptown Sedona, which included a Buffet Breakfast. I would stay here again.


Nice to be back in the Red Rocks!

Kevin from Fruita and Greg from Winter Park joined us for some sunny riding.

First was the exposed Hangover trail.

We also rode some fast more xc trails there.

But you come here for the slick rock.

John on the steeps on his Mach 5.7

Deb only started riding 4 years ago and she’s killing it! She’s also over 60!

Lee getting his steeps on

Another awesome trip to the American South West.


Firebirding in Phoenix May 2013 from Lee Lau on Vimeo.

Firebirding in Sedona May 2013 from Lee Lau on Vimeo.


Pivotees on the Highline – Sedona May 2013 from Lee Lau on Vimeo.


GPS Tracks of our rides:

Day 1 Mormon, National Trail Javalina – Length: 19.9 km –
Vertical up: 403.7 m

Phoenix South Mountain Mormon and National at EveryTrail


Day 2 – National, Telegraph and Desert Classic – Length: 29 km – Vertical up: 750.3 m

Phoenix South Mountain National Telegraph and Desert Classic at EveryTrail

Day 3 – McDowell – Fast xc. Length: 36 km – Vertical up: 612.4 m ( I bailed, Lee and Benet did another 20km loop)

Phoenix McDowell at EveryTrail

Day 4 – Phoenix – Squaw Peak – Length: 21 km –
Vertical up: 459.5 m

Phoenix Squaw Peak, north mountain at EveryTrail


Day 5 – Sedona – Draino, Western Civilization, Airie, Mescal – Length: 21 km – Verrtical up: 465.3 m

Sedona – Western Civilization at EveryTrail

Day 6 – Sedona – Hangover Trail – Length: 10.5 km – Vertical up: 400.9 m

Sedona – Hangover Trail at EveryTrail

Day 7 – Hogs, then a Shuttle to ride Highline – Length: 21 km –
Vertical up: 514.4 m

Day 8 – Highline loop, no gps.

Sedona – Hogs and Highline at EveryTrail

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