Battle Abbey in the Selkirks – Kings Backside and Steepness

We signed on to this trip after some people from the original group dropped out. The original group was from Idaho and Spokane ( Steve, Melissa, Warren, Cindy, Bill, Wayne and Scruffy), the dropouts were replace by myself and Lee, another person from Vancouver – Ilze and Arie from Calgary. Two other members of our trip were the partners of Rick the Caretaker – Robin and Kirk’s wife Jo. Day one had us heading up to Kings Landing and the Kings Backside.

Story has it the King of Spain was heli skiing in the area landed here to visit Battle Abbey.

After a 2.6km skin gaining 420m of elevation we were on the landing ready to ski 800m down the Backside. Once back up we skied down 900m on Steepness and back up the Grizzly Trot a 490m, 2.2km climb back to the Abbey.

1800m day in 7 hours.

Daily Skin

Group on the Ridge

Photo by Arie Vandervelden

Skiing down Kings Backside

Once back up we went down STEEPNESS!

Photo by Arie Vandervelden






View of Pequod Glacier

Sharon on Steepness

Robin on Steepness

Last pitch or so to the cabin

Battle Abbey Ski Touring – Kings Backside at EveryTrail

Elevation Profile

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