Blackcomb Backcountry – Decker, Pattison, Tremor – April 18, 2009

Photos by Justin Davis and Lee Lau. Word by Lee Lau unless otherwise noted.

Hooked up with Justin for a tour to the Blackcomb Backcountry. Justin is one of those rare apocryphal sightings somewhat like the Yeti; a competent telemarker who actually tele turns. He was itching to do a one-day Spearhead but I convinced him that touring to and skiing off N facing peaks would result in a ski experience that would satisfy his needs as opposed to tromping around flat glaciers.

We hit Decker, Trorey, Pattison and Tremor. While Justin skied off the N face of Tremor I sketched down the Hourglass face. Sluff management was definitely the order of the day. Brian’s trip report on Hourglass from 2 years ago had inspired me – he had quite a bit more snow that time around and executed it a lot cleaner then I did!

East Col – Decker in background

Ascending Decker Main

Decker Main

Following a Spearhead-in-a-day group as they move fast across Trorey’s N face

Justin making his way over to the NW face of Pattison. Fitzsimmons Glacier in the background

Lee drops into Pattison’s NW face

Justin attacking Pattison

Skiing off the Tremor-Pattison col

Tremor and the Hourglass face from Pattison-Tremor col

Lee skinning up the ridge to Tremor Pk

The traditionally breathtaking view from Tremor

Justin skied off the N face of Tremor – sluff management was definitely the order of the day

I skied off the Hourglass face

Justin at Decker taking in the view of from whence we came. We still have one more N face of Pow to slay

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