Goat Ridge aka Gamsegrat alpine ramble aka Disneyland – August 2014

Your basic alpine out and back. Weather was nice and cool; berries plentiful and trail was steep! Approx 1600m of climbing

About 780m

Rock slabs to start the day

Then we go up

Up up and away

Subalpine lake – picking berries for her!

More up. Some of us ditched bikes and just hiked

About 1400m or so

It seems all we do is push our bikes uphill

Viewpoint at about 1480m looking onto Mt Baker from Mt Gardner

Lets switch up the views

Meslilloeet Glacier from Mt Gardner

More views please


Moon over the Lions

No comment

No more comment


Then up to the final ridgeline of Mt Gardner looking onto Mt Baker

More posing

Posing is never done





Generic gorgeous alpine tarn

Yet one more final pose

Ah – Mt Harvey is gorgeous

Trundling rock onto tourists below

What – more posing?

Now we go down

Pretty tech rock with loose run outs

If you fall you’ll cheese grater

Solution is to not fall

Don’t fall!

and don’t get distracted by the view of Horseshoe Bay

No fall zone

Generic reflecting lake shot

Descent is a steep chunder fest in some spots

Steep loam in spots

Loam is so steep

If you fall you’d just buttslide


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