Canmore riding – Jumping Pound Cox Hill

Jumping Pound Cox Hill is a classic Kananaskis Country ride. We start our ride at the Dawson Trail head, ride down the Powerderface trail – the two wheel drive road you took to get to Dawson and then start at the Jumping Pound trail head. This loop is 37km and you climb over 1000m to a high point of 2250m. The ride starts with a 20km road ride along the Powderface trail.

Better then driving the car.

Up and down taking in the valley views.

Once at the trail head you will find new maps posted. These maps are at all the major intersections helping you along your way.

We didn’t take a lot of pictures on the climb since we were busy climbing. Once on the ridge you can relax and take in the views.

and the meandering fields.

Sharon and Lee – photo by Greg Paulhaus!

Heading down Jumping Pound Ridge.

Sharon on the ribbon of trail

Jumping Pound Ridge is in the back as Lee makes his way up Cox Hill.

Sharon making her way up Cox Hill.

Photo by Greg Paulhaus!

Greg and Lee meandering down the ridge.

nice flowers!

Lee and Sharon on the ridge top.

photo by Greg Paulhaus

Lee is still climbin!

Now he’s descending.

Climbing again.

Final Descent!

Except for the climbing in between.

Greg on the final descent.

Nice twisty turny and fun.

Greg and Sharon heading down.

Mostly all downhill except of course when you have to ride up a small hill.

Greg riding along.

Sharon heading down.

Back to the car and the beer.

There are some technical areas on this trail, its pretty old so its pretty worked. It also sees a couple of races on it a year, rain or shine so its pretty rooty and rocky.

and fast.

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