Duffy Chief Pascall Jan 17, 2010 Duffey Again

After the PUKING the coast got and the forcast for sunny skies we knew the mountains would
be busy. So we went to the Duffy to a less popular area that we knew would
be pretty safe from the increased avalanche danger since it was in a mature
forest. Dave and Steve, Lee’s friends who now live on the island and
have no life cause they’re dad’s, had the weekend off to ski! We did our
best to send them home tired.

Skinning along the road. Lots of hoar frost and
we had some whumping!

Lee, Gavan, Dave and Steve

Steve skinning up the forest, its been awhile hey!
Lots of ski pen today!

Lee gave him his yellow jacket so he wouldn’t look like a tree.

Once on the ridge it was time for lunch. Not a bad
lunch spot!

’bout time!

After we dug a pit on the north side of the ridge
we found 35cm of storm snow that was bonding well to the old layer. Time to

Steve sets off.

Yup, not bad snow!

Gavan pow searching!

Dave our token tele skier getting DEEP!

Hey Dave, where’s your jacket???

Heading back up the ridge the clouds were moving

Steve on round two.

Skinning up the views don’t suck.

Top of the ridge Chief Pascal is in the background.
There was quite a large avalanche off one of those chutes. Good place not to

We head back down through the trees!

Back on the last pitch back to the car, the sky glows

Gavan had to race here to get a head start on us to beat us to the car. That’s
one way to get ahead of us!

GPS tracks on Google earth of this trip ( blue )
and one we did last March 2009 ( red ) I think the red uptrack is faster.

View pascal in a larger map

Video of Blackcomb Inbounds on Friday,
Pascal on Saturday

Duffy & inbounds – stark contrasts from Lee Lau on Vimeo.

Vidoe of Flute and Oboe on Sunday

Flute and Oboe with the Island Boys from Lee Lau on Vimeo.

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