Chilcotins Day 3 – Push o Rama

Day 3.

We were going to check out some of the trails in Bralorne since we heard they were good, they’d make a good short day and they were on our way home. But since we were Thwarted in our Ridge o Rama ride which ends in the incredible descent of Cinnabar we decided to shuttle part way up Cinnabar, Push to to the top for maximum descent and ride down. Looking at the numbers we played the odds right!

520m climbing
970m descending

The loon was loony for the whole weekend. Kinda cool.

Tyax was busy too! Lots of people starting to hit the big loops with plane access

Tyax Lodge was quiet in the morning.

We start the push up. Views abound, ho hum.

We were probably one of the first groups on the trail so we cleared some trees and modified others we couldn’t move ( see video below)

Did I mention the views?

Playing on the rocks.

The fast flowy descent!

Chilcotins – Cinnabar at EveryTrail

Paving the Chilcotins from Lee Lau on Vimeo.

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