Rockies Day 1-2 Wildhorse and Moose Mountain

There are many place to travel in the world. Really we should check them out sometime. For some reason the Canadian Rockies keep calling us back.

Moose Mountain || Powerface Ridge || Elbow Loop || Jumping Pound Cox Hill || Highline || Razors Edge

We talked Kevin Foote and Grag Mazu from Colorado to join us for a 10 day trip of riding in the great, hopefully not white north.

We booked a site at the Mclean Creek campsite in May for the August long weekend. Good thing cause the place was PACKED. This site is close to Moose Mountain and has two loops that are OHV free. Lee and I drove there in two leisurely days doing a ride on Squid line on Sumas Mt. on the way to Revelstoke where we had dinner at the always good Woolsey Creek Bistro. On the way to Kananaski Country we stopped at Field which is in Yoho National Park to look into our next vacation which will be to check out the Burgess Shale. The drive through the Rockies is always impressive! Temple Mountain:

We arrive at the campsite at the same time as Kevin and Greg. So we set up and the three of them took a little spin along Wildhorse trail near Elbow

Wildhorse trail

Elbow River

Bridge over Elbow River near Elbow campground.


The next day we checked out Moose Mountain. This area has been used for recreation for years. Mountain bikers did start riding here many years ago. Since mountain biking has gotten so popular a group formed – Moose Mountain Bike Trail Society to properly maintain, build and manage this network. A great trail map can be found HERE.

We parked at the Moose Mountain Road parking lot and rode up the Pnuema climb, a 5km trail that parallels the road and gets you to the top of Moose Mountain. .

Toothless is one of the DH trails off Moose Mountain Road that ends on the Ings Mine Road as most of the DH Trails do.

We continue climbing to Special K.

It can be accessed by the road or Pnuema cliimb.

Then we go down

At the bottom of Special K you get to Tom Snow, from here you can climb up to Ridgeback for a single track descent or go down Tom Snow which sucks.

Back at camp we EAT!

4-1/2 hours
760m climb/descent

Rockies – Moose Mountain at EveryTrail

Wildhorse Trail and Moose Mountain – Aug 4 and 5, 2012 from Lee Lau on Vimeo


Length: 21 km
Duration: 4 hours, 26 minutes, 44 seconds
Vertical up: 762.3 m
Vertical down: 751.3 m
Average Speed: 4.7 km/h

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