Rockies Day 3 – Powderface Ridge

Aug 5th – Day 3 of riding. The first time I rode in the Rockies we did this ride. It seemed epic then. It’s still epic but more like an old friend. Named  after Tom Powderface of Stoney First Nations descent, who resided in the Bragg Creek area, Powderface ridge descends to the Elbow River near Hwy 66. We drove into the Camping area and parked at the Forgetmenot pond. From there we rode up the Powderface Trail Road 7km to the trail before Prairie creek and climbed up to the ridge and down the multiuse trail back to the car. You could do this as a longer loop from Prairie creek or the Powderface trail from Hwy 66 near Elbow Falls.

Wildhorse and Moose Mountain || Powerface Ridge || Elbow Loop || Jumping Pound Cox Hill || Highline || Razors Edge

Powerderface Alpine. Climbing is mostly done.

Into oxygen low zone

Good thing the views distract

Tall Boy seems to be enjoying himself

Mach 5.7 loves the Rockies!

Nuggy Shot!

Happy Riders!

Saddle on the East side of Powerface Ridge where most of the people who come up from Hwy 66 hike to. Great views of Elbow Valley to the South.

Greg Mazu

Kevin Foote

Main parking area to hike up to Powerface Ridge.

Chillin’ by the Elbow River

Camp at night

Rockies – Powderface Ridge at EveryTrail

Powderface Ridge Aug 6, 2012 from Lee Lau on Vimeo.

Length: 16.2 km
Duration: 3 hours, 32 minutes
Vertical up: 697.4 m
Vertical down: 676.8 m


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