Rockies Day 4 – Elbow Loop

Aug 6th – Day 4 of riding. The Elbow Loop – While not the best trail since its a old exploratory road, it offers spectacular views and a good ride to see the lay of the land and the vastness of it.

We rode this loop counterclockwise as suggested by the guide book. Some people ride it clockwise. From talking to most friends who have done it both ways, they prefer counterclockwise. Check out the elevation profile and decide for yourself.

This loop was part of the Trans Rockies bike race.

Wildhorse and Moose Mountain || Powerface Ridge || Elbow Loop || Jumping Pound Cox Hill || Highline || Razors Edge

The Little Elbow River

Most intersections are marked with a map.

The road was well shaded which was great on this hot day.

Kevin marching on


We Stop at the Romulus camp for a snack before climbing to Tombstone pass

Approaching Tombstone pass

Tombstone Mountains

Looking towards Tombstone and Sheep valley.

Sheep Valley and another huge area of Kananaskis country

We’re on the far side of the loop, you can also go to the headwaters of the Elbow from here if you want a longer ride.

This road takes you to Sheep valley.

We head back to Elbow along the Big Elbow River.

Big Elbow

Suspension bridge near the Elbow campground. Nice place for a cool dip!

Chillin’ back at camp

Rockies – Elbow Loop at EveryTrail

Elbow Loop – Canmore/Bragg Creek August 7, 2012 from Lee Lau on Vimeo.

Length: 42 km
Duration: 4 hours, 46 minutes
Vertical up: 857.5 m
Vertical down: 856.6 m
Average Speed: 8.8 km/h


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