Chilcotins Day 2 – Taylor Basin to Lick Creek

Day two we were going to ride Ridge o Rama but the weather had other plans. We drove to
the Taylor access road – NOTE – Do not go left and ride the one hour detour, unless you
like gratuitous climbing. We headed up and just as we got to Taylor Cabin it started to rain.
The clouds were over the ridge, the rain came, then went. I decided to bail and fix the flat
tire on the truck… everyone else continued on and had a great ride down Lick Creek which
was being cleared that day by some Horse people.

7 hours
1300m climbing
1600m descending

Every lunch included Peanut Butter Sandwiches and Cliff Bars.

Driving up to Taylor Basin

Getting ready to go.

Heading up Taylor, clouds were looming

Flowers were nice!

Hanging out in Taylor Cabin waiting for the rain to pass.

still waiting

Thinking the rain was passing we checked out the map

Then the rain started again so we hung out some more

Then we decided to go

At about this point I turned back and everyone else continued to Lick Creek.

Even Mr. Griz came by to say hi!

Yes Bryce, you WILL get your feet wet.

Can’t have a Chilcotin ride without some pushing!

We go there

Fortunately you are rewarded with a good descent.

Back at camp for snacks before dinner, refreshements, marshmellows and fires!

Chilcotins – Taylor Basin to Lick Creek at EveryTrail

Eldorado Basin & Lick Creek July 2012 from Lee Lau on Vimeo.



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