Chilcotins Day 1 – Jewel Creek to Windy Pass

Gary has been living in Utah where alpine epics which you can find in the Chilcotins are
rare. He was here for three weeks and joined us on a three day trip to the Chilcotins. Our
first day we wanted to do an ‘easy’ break in ride from Jewel Creek to Windy pass. The
weather was stellar, hot even, the flowers were just breaking through and the views were,
as usual, ok.

1400m elevation loss/gain
7 and a half hours.

Every day started with Oatmeal and BACON!

We stopped by Tyax lodge to say hi to Emily who works for Tyax Adventures. Check it out
for supported trips!

The ultimate Shuttle Vehicle!


This guy will guide you and rip your legs off, or not. It’s up to you!

The Slim Creek road to Jewel Creek is in good shape. But extra clearance is nice.

You can also camp here if you want to ride mainly in this area.

A map!

Ride along Gun Creek. Steady as she goes.

Once in Gun Creek the flowers are blooming and snow still caps the mountains.

Gary on his 2001 Rocky Mountain Slayer!

More Gun Creek climbing

and minor creek crossings

Then we head up Windy Pass

It gets steep

The air is thin

We stop short of the pass, out of the snow and in some flowers.

Click for bigger size

Then we go down!

Back to camp for a fire and beer!

Everytrail Map of our ride

Chilcotins – Jewel to Windy Pass at EveryTrail

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