Duffey – Cassiope

Duffey – Cassiope

First time in this area. The Parking lot is at 1000m so the snow has to be pretty good down low for this trip to be worthwhile. We skied up the left side of the swamp into the alpine area. The right side would be better if you are not concerned about sun affected slide/sluffing. We took the left logging road and came out the right logging road. Next time it might be better to do up the right road to stay right of the swamp, and head into the trees above the swamp and into the choke/slide area.

Swamp, Taylor in the background.

This can be avoided if you go up the right choke.

Saxifrage view once in the open.

View of Taylor on the West Flank

We got to the col near Cassiope and got whited out! Trees were good.

Choke. You can skin up this way.

1200m climbing, 14km, 6hrs 30min

Duffey – Cassiope at EveryTrail

Video of Cassiope and the weekend.

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