Duffey – Heartstrings – March 29 2009

Now that we are finally getting some SNOW! It’s time to hit up the Duffy! We opted to check out Heartstrings, a ski in the New Baldwin Guidebook and an area we checked out last year. While there was less snow then last year, there was enough to check out a couloir we noticed last year and to get to Heartstrings.

Matier Glacier

Bonier then a junk yard dog!

Second Joffre Lake

Lee’s squigly turns! – Photo by Tyler Wilkes

This slope is an option to ski down but not to go up! We went up the ridge on the left to access a couloir that was staring at us from our lunch spot and teasing Lee with its effervescent pow glow.

We go up!

View of the couloir from Joffre Shoulder

Along the ridge to the top to get access to the couloir.

Not alot of options down that side… – Photo by Tyler Wilkes

Snow was pretty stable despite the evidence of small sluffs.

We tread across the final pitch, the couloir is down to the left of the pic. Some of the group climbed higher to take in some views.

Tyler shredding like a mad man on white smoke!

We head back up to go to Hearstrings, this offers another view of Matier!

Firklers in the valley

Up up we go!

Heading to the ridge.

Next time go up the little slope to the right! – Photo by Tyler Wilkes

Top of the boot pack.

Backside of Bootpack from Mt. Taylor

Where do we go again?

We go there! You Sure? just GO! OK!

View of Heartstrings from Joffre Shoulder

Sharon at the top of Heartstrings.

cool! –Photo by Tyler Wilkes

Lee contemplating his options.

I go down now ! – Photo by Tyler Wilkes

Lee takes the first turn, cool vantage for a pic!

Whoa, really steep!

or was it!

Back on his feet again!

Sharon getting it on!

Tyler does too!

Nice rocks!

Looking back up Heartstrings.

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