Fairy Meadows 2008 – Echo Glacier – Shoestring Glacier – Swan Creek Trees

Words by Lee Lau. Photos by Lee Lau, Sharon Bader, Mike McArthur, Jeremy Roche and Bill Carey. All rights reserved

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As predicted, the weather broke today. 10 cms of new snow fell overnight. More fell during the day. We started the day off by heading up to Friendship Col to see what slopes would ski well. While Bill and I took a lap on the Echo Glacier then followed up with a lap on the Shoestring the rest of the group headed down the Shoestring then down to the hut for lunch.

We go up

(Top) Sharon and Benet looking down the Shoestring Glacier (Bottom) Group ski in graybeard

Light was really flat to say the least. I knew the Echo Glacier pretty well so managed to work the pitch and find knee deep snow where it had wind-loaded. The Shoestring wasn’t as good as yesterday’s ski with a pronounced slab starting to form.

Bill and Lee taking their laps on the Echo Glacier

Whiteout on the Shoestring Glacier

Flat light on the Shoestring = head plants + body craters!

After yesterday’s deepfreeze it was pure luxury to come back to the hut and have lunch and a hot drink. But it was now puking outside and more snow was filling in the tracks from previous groups in the trees NE of the hut. We made our way over there and worked the slopes till dark.

Taking a few laps in the Swan Creek trees

Lee, Benet and Vince in the powders

Sharon in the Swan Creek trees

Stuffed chicken parmesan, salad, soup and then chocolate dessert for dinner – thanks Julie!!

(Top) Lee and Sharon keeping warm (bottom) Vince keeping the keg warm

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