Flute – Oboe Feb 1st 2009

With our winter drought continuing, we had few options. So back to the goods we go. With 15-20cm of storm snow greeting us this week, we were wary of lurking layers. A hasty pit on the top of Oboe showed a weak layer down 20 and 30 cm. Not a clean shear layered on a stiff big slab that was still on the 20cm of facets to the ground.

Hey Tyler! Head up the ridge a bit and drop into this slope! OK!

Tyler – soon to be blinded by POW!

Jen waiting at the knoll before dropping in.

Jen gets some freshies off the backside of Flute. Nice first day of touring!

Gladerunner drops in and leaves the Japanese snowboarders who would like to follow in awe of his Tele Steeze!!

We head back over to the backside of Oboe to hit an open slope that we missed last time. Tyler shredding down!

Gladerunner a pow one-man slaughterhouse, that’s what he is


Jen- Photo by Adrian Bolden

Sharon – Photo by Adrian Bolden

Heading back over Oboe to hopefully hit some fresh corduroy on the way out!

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