Flyin – Deep In Dept and Homer Glades Zone 2-1-5 – Sol Mountain Lodge

Sol Mountain Touring

Day 1 and 2 – Flying in, Tour of Zone 2 and 1/5 Interface

Sol Mountain Lodge is situated at an elevation of 1925m just south of Monashee Provincial Park, east of Bill Fraser lake on THIS map. It is coated in classic Monashee powder, the stuff skiers dreams are made of. Not as wet as Revelstoke Selkirk pow can be, and more snow then Vernon’s Silverstar to the west which has interior pow. It’s is a blend of drier Interior and heavier Selkirk snow. Its location allows for access to a variety of terrain in all directions and boasts 5 distinct ski zones. While there are no glaciers, there is plenty of alpine terrain when the vis is good, and tree skiing when conditions warrent. The lodge is about 10 years old and well designed for large groups. Three bathrooms upstairs, with two showers, a bathroom in the main floor and two toilets and one shower downstairs there are few morning coffee emergencies. The lower floor is where you keep your boots and gear, with 3 bedrooms, the main floor is well designed for hanging out comfort, and the upper floor contains the majority of private bedrooms and a west facing yoga room to stretch in as the sun sets in the distance.

The Helicopter leaves in the morning from Revelstoke, the remaining people stage in Cherryville near Vernon. This allows for a quicker turnaround and other access options on variable vis days. This lodge does not often get whited out on exchange day which is nice.

We were all in the lodge by 12pm, the early people have a chance to practice transceiver searches in their beacon basin. If you fly out in a later group you even have a chance to ski in the morning, if you’re going to Revelstoke the helicopter can pick you up on the way out!

Day 1 –

We skied Zone 2 – Deep Into Debt and Banana Belt Broken in skies at -14 temps. Half day so got a quick hit up Banana Belt then down Deep Into Debt. Back up again and down Hoods to Bill Fraser Lake and back via Headlamp

Day 2 –

Zone 1/5 Interface – Homer Glades, Premium Red, Merlot, Lodge Notch Monashee trees pretty much have the perfect spacing. We were lucky with conditions. Valley fog, moderate (-15) temps, fast snow, broken skies have even Sw facing runs running fast knee deep pow. Took opportunity to ski from subalpine to valley bottom for first half day Sol Mountain Lodge.


Well signed staging area

Snow Donkey and ski provisions!

Main floor

Skiing out to Deep in Dept in Zone 2

Pow to 1500m!

Skinning back up

Excellent meals by Allison!

Next morning the skis are lined up ready to go

Lower floor gear area

Top of Premiem Red to ski interface between Zone 1 and 5 – Homer Trees

Homer Trees

Homer Trees

Homer Trees

Homer Trees

Reading in our room before bed.

Day 1 Route – Deep in Debt

Day 2 Route – Homer Trees

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