Gamsegrat aka Goat Ridge aka Disneyland mountain bike trail – Brittania BC September 13, 2016

Once a secret spot Disneyland has now been on the web and exposed enough that it’s farcical to not mention that it even exists. It’s important to note that the trails in this area are mostly built and maintained by mototrials riders. We are their guests. Tread lightly.

With my usual sucker for alpine hiking punishment away in the Yukon I talked David, Claus and Sebastian into a pleasant ramble from 250m riding to 800m then hike-a-biking to approx 1800m to experience the alpine views of Brittania’s Gamsegrat aka Goat Ridge aka Disneyland. This isn’t a terribly easy hike or even a terribly easy trail on the downhill so if the idea of putting your bike on your back for 3 hours isn’t terribly appealing then Seymour shuttles might be more your taste so consider this fair warning. We played around a lot in the alpine and headed down in the golden hour.

Gamsegrat aka Goat Ridge aka Disneyland – Brittania BC September 13, 2016 from Lee Lau on Vimeo.



Last bit of road before the fun part starts

The fun part


No alprestaurant here unfortunately Sebastian

Lake rest spot at 1350m

Enough rest – per Claus – “rest when they close the lid on you”

More up

Lots of poser opportunities

Hidden Lake with a view to Vancouver’s Lions

David at Hidden Lake


David and Claus went for a swim

After more up we crest the ridge and start getting into the really good views

Das ist unglaublich! (click picture for panoramic)

Just around the corner

Just 10 more minutes

Good spot to chill and take in the view as the ridgeline crests (click picture for panoramic)

My turn to pose (click picture for panoramic)

More posing (click picture for panoramic)

Not a bad view at all for Sebastian

Claus looking pensive

Claus is quite the photo model

Claus on the rocks

Sebastian on the tech sections lower down

and in no time at all we’re out

The moon came out for us for the last light

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