Goat Mt – Mt St Helens Mountain Biking Sept 2023

Strawberry Ridge, Goat Mt Loop, Palisades Trail.

Part 1 – Ape Canyon

We then met Ben who joined us from Portland to ride Strawberry ridge, Trail220. We parked at the exit of the trail, shuttled FR25/2516. If Iron Creek Campground was open we could have parked in the day use area there. Strawberry ridge from this access is up and down then flowy down! The views are amazing and the trail buff.

FR25 and 26 are narrow, windy and paved.

After this ride we drove to the Green River Horse Camp to ride Goat Mt. This is a great campsite, no water or services. Goat Mt Loop is epic. Don’t be intimidated by the first climb going Counter Clockwise. It took us just over an hour to do the climb. The rest of the trail is amazing. The final climb back along Green River Trail is a mobius trail that didn’t seem to climb 200m. You can add on Tumwater and Goat creek trail if you want an even longer ride. You can also access from the Goat Creek Trail, FR2750 off Kosmos Rd through Taidnapam Park. Check for acces as this is controlled by a Timber Company that will close the road when fire hazard is high.

After Goat Mt. we drove to Mt. Ranier National Forest to finish our trip shuttling Palisades Trail. We parked at the trail exit and shuttled up 28 mile creek rd #72 to Dalles Ridge Rd. As this trail was built as a hike by the Boy Scouts in 1978 the final section reminds you its a hiking trail… The upper is fast and flowy with great views of Mt. Ranier.

Strawberry Ridge from Ape Canyon Trail.

Strawberry TH

Ben with Goat Mt in the background

Lance on Strawberry Ridge

The descent – so BUFF

Goat Mt.

Green River Horse Camp

Goat Mt TH

Goat Mt climb. Technically easy.

Looking back at Strawberry Ridge and Ryan Lake

Goat Mt trail

View point at Vanson peak

The Views!

Another EPIC descent!

Green River trail was magical.

Juniper Ridge, Mt. Rainier

Burn at the top

Epic views of Ranier.

Hiking section of the descent

Waiting for the shuttle.

More Mexican!

Trailforks Ride Logs.

Strawberry Ridge Trailforks Link. 1:45hrs, 14.5km, 430m Climb, 1370m descent.

Goat Mt Loop Trailforks Link. 5:30hrs, 1400m climbing ( Garmin said 1200???) 32.1km.

Palisades Trail Trailforks Link. 2hrs, 13.3km, 188m climbing, 1132 descending.

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