Grand Junction and Moab. Utah Biking in Spring, May 2022

Utah Biking May 2022

Trip Overview

La Grande/Boise || Richfield and Cedar City || St George and the Mesas || Red Canyon || Escalante Hiking

We then drove to Grand Junction to ride with Kevin Foote, then finished off our trip riding one of our favorite loops in Moab – Navajo Rocks.

Kevin showed us his backyard trails as well as visiting his old haunts. He hasn’t been riding his old trails lately for life’s reasons but once he got on them he was gone… Great to see you getting old Kevin, bye…

We couldn’t drive past Moab without a ride on Navajo rocks. We’ve ridden this many times with many iterations.I think we’ve found the way…

Park at Big Mesa/Ramblin -> Ramblin -> Rocky Tops -> Middle Earth -> up the road to Coney Island -> Middle Earth -> Road -> Big Mesa.
Parking at Big Mesa could work too.This maximizes Single Track DH!

Our last campite was along Buckhorn Wash in the San Rafael swell between Ranch Exit 70 and the turnoff to Wedge Overlook. We camped here in 2019 it was more rustic. They have now numbered the sites where you can camp and put in nice firerings. The site we were on was only accessilbe by 4WD, a trailer woud not make it. Couldn’t find details on the campsites but head North towards the Buckhorn Panel and there are sites along the road pretty much all the way to Wedge Overlook.

Trailforks log for Lunchloops and Navajo Rocks.

Overview of Navajo Rocks

Riding with Kevin and Sherry!

Holy Cross!

Lunch time!

Navajo Rocks

Navajo Rocks – Big Mesa Ramblin intersection

Threatening to rain but perfect weather.


Rocky Tops

Big Mesa – remembering the days when we could camp here.

Then we heading back home and camped in Buckhorn Wash

We camped at the lower one in 2019

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