Duffey Joffre Shoulder Jan 23, 2010 Duffey

Words and photos by Sharon Bader and Lee Lau unless otherwise noted.

The cloudy weather that was forcasted didn’t come. We planned a trip to the Duffy, the objective was weather dependent.

We opted for the couloir off Joffre Shoulder that
Lee and Tyler skied last April and we attempted last month in poorer conditions.

We’re up the creek and entering the alpine.

Looking back down the creek towards Cayoosh.

Heading towards the couloir you can see Chief Pascal in the back.

The views!

Joffre Shoulder as seen from the ridge on Chief Pascal

Joffre Shoulder as seen from the ridge on Chief Pascal

The ridge on Chief Pascal.

We have to boot pack up the last bit that was TOOO steep to skin.

At the top you can see over into the Joffre Lakes area.

Now we go down!

Tyler hucking.

Lee heading down.

Tyler hucking with Joffre Lakes in the back.

Mike joined us today, pretty good day for his 1st day of skiing – 1500m!

Heading down the next cliffy section.

Once in the treed area you get to some pillows and cliffy areas.

Gavan jumping.

A different landing but I’m sure the results were the same!

Gavan hucking some more.

The landing.

Tyler and his mountain biking roots, log ride!

He lands a bit better on a bike!

Elevation profile.

Google Earth Image.

View chief pascal in a larger map

Joffre Shoulder – Seven Shades of Shite couloir from Lee Lau on Vimeo.

NE Side of Chief Pascal

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