Moab – Day 6 – Gold Bar Portal

Gold Bar Trail – We started with the climb up from Gemini Bridges along the Gold Bar Trail and down Portal. We rode with our friends from Whistler who we seem to meet in the most remote places! Our group of 12 moved pretty well.

This map from shows most of our route. The road to 191 I think is the road from Gemini Bridges.

The climb up from Gemini Bridges

Sharon, Lee and Dale

Ho Hum, more stellar views of Moenkopi and Chinle sandstone skirting the base of the Wingate cliffs that surround us.


The view looking south towards Moab. Hwy 191 is a mere 1200 feet below us!

Arches National Park is East of us.

Sharon and

We arrive at the Kayenta ledges, let the fun begin!

Brian and Kevin lead the way.

Rolling on the slickrock rolls.


Most people come here for the technical descending… some come for the technical climbing!



Pano of our distracting trail.

Around more ledges we go.

Picking our way around!

Nice view! Good thing he has no depth perception!

Lee on the ledge!

The group continues on.

The “portal” is the rounded knob in the distance. The descent starts there!


Stopping to take in the views.

Lee, Keith and Dale

Continuing on the convoluted trail .


We came from back there! The final climb before the Portal descent.

Lee and Lee!

Portal Trail – one of the recommended walking sections.

Looking back at the ‘trail’.


The other dismount section, Dale wouldn’t even ride back up for the photo!

Looking across at the ‘exposure’ section.

Kevin and Lee

Yup, its far…

Lee and Kevin

Once off the exposure we can start the descent!



The group!



16 Km’s and 580m of climbing later we’re back at the road. Lee and Kevin then rode back up 191 – in a tail wind, but uphill… to get the cars!

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