Mountain Bike Oregon – Lawler, Hardesty, Full Middle Fork

The crew in Oakridge Oregon have been putting on a Mountain Bike Festival for over 10 years. Their formula has been incredibly successful which is a testament to their dedication to the trails and to ensuring that you have a good time.

Check out the details at their Mountain Bike Oregon’s Website. We were there in 2010 and were so impressed we had to go back, so we did this year. Each year they offer guided rides and a shuttle; new this year is that you should sign up for them. This is good (they space you out) and bad (if you don’t know the trails what rides do you pick?), but even if you didn’t sign up they will work to get you on the rides you want.

Also this year they had food carts instead of catering dinner. They also had regular shuttles into town so you could eat there. You could also ride into town pretty easily. Again the cost of MBO even includes free beer!

We had a longer then expected drive to Oakridge since traffic around Portland was really bad. Seems the I-5 is becoming more congested, oh well. Just prepare for lots of traffic on this corridor.

Information for the rides in this area can be found at the MTB Project Website. I also found a great Oakridge map that can be used with the PDF Maps Android and Iphone App at Adventure Maps.

Day1 Ride – Lawler Hardesty || Day 2 Ride – Middle Fork || Day 3 Ride – Alpine || McKenzie River Trail

The first ride we signed up for was the Lawler Hardesty shuttle. These are two rides of 8 miles or so rides that they combine with a shuttle to maximize your trail riding.  It’s fast buff singletrack of the swoopy, interesting variety and not just the boring old IMBA yawner formula of long straightaways followed by hairpin switchbacks.  Instead around every fast corner there seems to be a surprise – either beautiful terrain or little hits to keep  you on your toes

Sweet Berms

Parking area at the bottom of Lawler

Loading up the Shuttle Van

Shuttle drop off, Hardesty Start

Hardesty Trail

Gratuitous out and back on the Hardisty Ride

The trail was worth it

Clover patches line the trail

Cool burnt forest

Maps and info



Day 2 – Middle Fork of the Willamette Ride.

MBO says this ride is 32 miles, 4500ft climbing, 1000ft descending. That’s about right!

We started the shuttle at Timpanogas Lake, did a short out and back to Indigo Lake then started the descent. The group pretty much stayed together.   There was only one crash where a guy had to bail. The shuttles met us a few times on the descent so you could cut short if you needed. The ride ended at a bridge with easy access to the river so we could wash the sweat and dust off our bodies!  It’s Oregon technical which means its still very much an xc ride but with a few more roots and rocks but interspersed with lots of fast singletrack.  The burned forest section in the middle of the ride is loose so govern your speed

Timpanogas Lake parking

Indigo Lake out and back

More flowy trails

Cool burn area we rode through

A few bridges to cross, some blowdown.This trail does see regular maintenance!

Another group was doing the lower middle fork shuttle as well

Jake happy to be shuttlin’

Nap time in the campsite

Our track from 2015

The track on the bottom of the page is for the full Middle Fork when we rode it in 2010. This track also includes the drive.

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