Pemberton Climbing – May 8 2010

Words and photos by Sharon Bader and Lee Lau unless otherwise noted.

Pemberton, Happy Trail, Nimby, Stimulus.

Happy Trail is the start of this epic that takes you to Waco Connector and out to the Cell Tower road or you can continue on the climb – NIMBY, which was constructed in 2009/2010.

From Nimby you take – Let it go – to the Paraglide Launch. Off Let it go is Stimulus :

Stimulus is the new descent from the paraglide launch down to the Lillooet River.  It drops off Let it Go a couple of hundred meters before the parking lot at the launch; built by three different teams it has several distinct sections with very different feels.  The crew also cleaned out the old Pemberton Farm Road that brings riders back to the bottom of the Happy Trail after their downhill.

Described here is a 23km ride where you climb 870m as a return trip from the parking lot at the gravel quarry.

Pemberton rides start near the gravel quarry with the amazing view of Mt. Currie.

On Happy trail is a nice bench where you can stop for a rest.

Kevin and Lee take in the view.

Just up from here is an intersection where you go left to Waco Connector. Going right will make you climb the wrong way.

Near the end of Waco Connector you can continue on to the Cell Tower road or turn Left to Nimby.

More distracting views on Nimby.

Some great trail buiding on Nimby.

A few nice bridges over the creek on Nimby

After 10,000 steep switchbacks you get to another intersection where you go left on Let it Go to continue to the Paraglide launch, or you can go right to the Cell Tower road and the lower trails.

Let it go crosses McKenzie Cruise and Cop Killer.

Before the launch the turn off down Stimulus cuts BACK and to the left.

Stimulus is STEEP and at one point goes along an old road. This is the turn off from the road back to the STEEP singletrack.

Just like all Pemberton descents it does climb and offer some great views!

We didn’t take a photo at the view point over the river, but this is the low road out and back to the parking lot.

Stimulus Package Pemberton PVTA

Happy Trail – Nimby – Let It Go – Stimulus loop – Pemberton May 8 2010

from Lee Lau on Vimeo.

Not another Half Nelson from Lee Lau on Vimeo.

Half Nelson – Squamish May 2, 2010 from Lee Lau on Vimeo.

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