Revelstoke, BC Report: Powgasboard; the beatings continue, morale improves – Jan 7, 2020

Can’t stop.  Won’t stop.  The stats keep rolling in.  As of January 10, 2020, 82 cms had fallen for the week with another 18cms forecasted for the balance of the week to bring the week to another 100cms + total.  Things are remaining cold with snow falling to valley floor.  This has complicated access not only for out-of-towners with highway closures frequent but even for seasoned locals who’ve found the season’s totals for snowfalls to hit ridiculous proportions.

image: Lee Lau.  The day after 45+ cms of snow fell in town. Then the plows did their job and whoever wasn’t on it and got busy clearing out their vehicles got further stuck
image: Sandra Davis.  It hasn’t quite hit the snowmageddon levels from this picture from late February 2016 but it’s getting there rapidly

image:  Bryce Borlick.  Some Revy locals are happy.  Who’s a good dog???!!!??

image:  RMR. RMR Forecast for January 6, 2020 was not far off

Once you get on the hill the Christmas-New Years lineups have somewhat mitigated and gondola power-caused shutdowns have been less frequent (at one point over 30,000 people in Interior BC lost power).  There hasn’t been much opportunity for blue-bird alpine days so tree-skiing has been the call.

image: Lee Lau. New Year’s Day crowd was a record. The gondola chewed through it in 30 minutes. Anyone who’s been to Whistler will know this is a SMALL lineup
image: Lee Lau. Crowds spread right out.
image: Lee Lau. Hike to McKenzie Subpeak
image: Lee Lau. Did manage to beat highway closures some days and get out to Rogers Pass. Sharon preparing to gut Tax Time Couloir
image: Lee Lau. Trace in Rogers Pass
image: Lee Lau. Jason in trees in Connaught drainage of Rogers Pass
image: Sharon Bader. Also managed to take advantage of some of RMR’s convenient lift-served backcountry by getting into the Montana Bowl area
image: Sharon Bader. RMR lift-served backcountry
image: Lee Lau. RMR lift-served backcountry

Next week’s forecast is for colder temps and some appearance by the sun as an Arctic outflow pokes its head into the BC Interior so you’ll want to dress accordingly for cold and triple overhead blower cold smoke.

image: Lee Lau – the sun has made rare appearances
image: Mindy Brugman. You’re not getting idyllic winter shots without snow so carry on shovelling
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