Revelstoke BC, Report: Snowmageddon – The Aftermath and Continuation

Revelstoke BC, Report: Snowmageddon – The Aftermath and Continuation

Lee Lau | December 23, 2019 | Conditions ReportWeather

Report from Friday 20th December 2019

Well did we tell you about the SNOWmageddon or did we tell you?
   122cms of new snow fell this week in Revelstoke in total.  Adding to the POW destruction potential another 20cms fell overnight with a further 4cms falling throughout the day.   Roads in and out of town were paralyzed with avalanche control opening for start and stop traffic.

All of this with freezing levels to valley floor!   This now means that Revelstoke Mountain Resort’s base has crossed the magic 2m level sending it into  podium position for top snow base totals in North America.

image: Lee Lau – Midweek storm skiing RevelSTOKED
image: Lee Lau – 9am pow
image: Lee Lau – 9.30am still not many people
image: Lee Lau – 10am pow
image: Lee Lau – 10.30am pow
image: Sharon Bader – 11.30am pow in your face
image: Lee Lau – 12noon pow
image: Lee Lau – RMR parking lot at 2pm; still not even close to full
image: Lee Lau – RMR at 5pm – 20cms overnight incoming

Things have changed today with rising temperatures meaning that precipitation is of the liquid variety at valley floor, changing to snow only above the 1st gondola.  It’s still good skiing but wait!  Things get better!  Revelstoke Mountain Resort’s snow forecast is calling for temperatures to drop.  The cooling temps will lend itself to stability and to the moisture getting sucked out of the snowpack meaning that powder levels will return to quadruple overhead blower levels throughout the Christmas vacation week.

In the meantime, road conditions should improve and the rest of the world should find it easier to get to Revelstoke to contribute to powder pillaging.

image: RMR forecast at 3pm from Dec 20th – forecast for next week
image: Lee Lau – RMR snow report at 3pm from the Dec 20th pow pillaging carnage
image: Lee Lau – RMR at 5pm on Dec 20th – 20cms overnight incoming
image: Lee Lau – 24cms new on top of previous days ridiculousness
image: Lee Lau – 24cms new and not much in the way of crowds
image: Lee Lau – post 24cms and grooming still hasn’t caught up with the new snow
image: Craig McGee – highways should be in better shape now to get to Revy
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