Rogers Pass – 1st Tracks!

Getting ready to skin up! We met up with Sylvie Bisson of the Woolsey Cafe Fame and Robert Quaid who is taking a hiatus as a Violin maker to be a chef at the Woolsey.

We start up with Robert breaking trail. He has been to the NRC gullies before which are normally closed for artillary avalanche control. Fortunately, sort of, for us there wasn’t enough snow for them to control but there was enough for us to ski!

The slope above is our destination

At 2130m we dig a pit. Predictable results tell us its good to go! 190cm base FYI.

We make our way a bit higher to get more of the goods!

Lee, having been here already three weeks before is anxious with anticipation!

Robert killing it!

Lee, not to be outdone!

As you can see, there is a need for some more snow…

Sylvie getting her boarding legs warmed up!

Sharon’s turn! Lee and I headed up for another lap on this slope while Sylvie and Robert headed back to Revelstoke.

Some more pictures from Robert.

The next day we came back for some more. The increasing winds on the incoming cold front brought it chilly temperatures and totally covered yesterdays skin track! Lee had to break trail again! What you can’t see here is the wind, cold and Lee’s aching legs.

We got to 1830m and decided to turn back since the wind slab was concerning, the winds were picking up and the slow speed of Lee breaking trail again didn’t keep him very warm… So we did one lap, went to the Visitors center to warm up and did another run on Grizzly shoulder in the more sheltered trees.

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