Rogers Pass and Joss Peak Hiking August 2023

Rogers Pass and Joss Peak Hiking

We don’t often go hiking, but when we do we go big… This trip we checked out Joss Peak from the West Side, we’ve previously approached it with our bikes from the East side but apparently this access isn’t well maintained, its longer and the road has been partially deactivated near the top. West side access is easy and there are a lot of places you can camp along this road including the Frog Falls Rec site, or off any branch along Wap Lake FSR. After Joss Peak, we drove to Rogers Pass and got a first come first serve site at the Illecillewaet campground. This campground allows for easy access to all the hikes on this side of the road. From here we did a short hike up Asulkan Trail to see where we ski. The next day we were going to hike up to Perly Rock, but we took a wrong turn which cut our time short so we just hiked to the steep park of the Perly Rock access.

Next year we’ll do this hike and join a group hike with Parks Canada to Balu Pass which you need four people in a group to protect yourself from Grizzly’s

Joss Peak

Both trailheads are accessed from the Wap Lake FSR.
For the east trailhead, turn left just after Frog Falls Recreation Site. (It goes despite what the below map indicates).
For the west trailhead, take the second left after Frog Falls Recreation site.

Trailforks Link 8km 3.5hrs, 875m Climbing

West access parking lot

Trail is obscure in some places in the alpine

Peakfinder is cool. My eyes not so much

Flowers were good!

Not Ridable in the trees. Even less then the Eastern side

Camped off WAP FSR near a creek.

Illecillewaet campground

Illecillewaet creek

Asulkan Trail

Old Rail Bridge

Red adirondack chairs in Parks Canada

Why we don’t ski that section…

Great Glacier…

Bridge across Donald Creek

The tree triangle in the middle is where the trail goes straight up

Asulkan Trailforks Link 12km, 3.5hours, 500m climbing

Perly Rock attempt Trailforks Link 13km, 5hours, 870m climbing

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