Rogers Pass Nov 2018 – Some tours and the Winter Permit System

Rogers Pass Nov 2018 from Lee Lau on Vimeo.Video Peak Nov 29, 2018

Conditions in Rogers Pass acceptable. HS 105cms at 1950m. HS 165 at 2300m. 40 – 50cms storm snow fist density overlaying settled 1F to pencil. Some SH and MFc in creekbeds at valley bottom but not present at alpine except for usual near surface facetting at thin spots on ridgetops. Observed near surface stuffing NA on N facing steeps

Skies initially scattered clouds moving to cloudy later in day. -6 to -8 during day. Winds nil

Snow quality excellent on SE facing slopes from 2550 to 1850m. Sporty character-builders below due to lack of coverage

Got our annual park permit, parking permit and National Park Pass at Glacier National Park Visitor Centre. Learn more about the winter permit system and Winter Restricted Areas to respect the efforts of Parks Canada to keep highway travellers safe! You can do your permit exam on-line here to save yourself time. You can also get a handy-dandy app to keep it all simpler.

Skinning up selfie

Learn about the permit system so you don’t get blown up

Still bony at Connaught Creek but the views never suck


Hey someone left us fresh tracks on Video Peak

A bit of exposure on the climb so best to be confident in stability BEFORE topping out


Snow all to ourself till the trees

Pockets of fresh then things rapidly deteriorate from about 1850m down back to Connaught

Lookout Col – Nov 30, 2018

Original intent was to go to “Practise Trees” aka Vaux Trees but entire area was under alder sanction (TM Randy Heppell) with all crossings of the creeks involving acrobatic follys with high chance of immersion. Therefore took Great Glacier summer approach (which is a pretty decent skin track route) in the direction of Lookout Col.

General observation that entire Illecillewaet drainage really shows its character as massively striated glacial moraine when there’s so little snow. The ridgelines are plenty and the separating valleys deep so linking up line to line is tough. In short, it needs way more snow. Obs – temps -6. Skies cloudy tending to graybird as the day progressed. Winds nil. Storm snow as before 30 in valley to 40/50cms new. Much more facetting observed as seems to be preserved in the hollow pockets of the moraine. Fairly easy to collapse storm snow into holes which, it of itself, presents its own set of unique hazards. Expect extensive aldercations in the luge-run exits which build character.

Grizzly Peaklet – Cooking Hand Line Dec 1 2018

Grizzly Peaklet in the Connaught zone at 2750m. We gutted its collection zone to 1350m under bluebird skies with fountains of quadruple overhead bluebird pow.

Lots of sluff moving on steep slopes to keep you on your toes. Lots of buried sharks (duh – with early season snowpack) to make you reign in turns. Solar starting to do its thing on SW and S slopes. SE still fine for now but with the high pressure persistent that will change soon. Skies clear; winds nil; no new snow. 2 – 3mm facets forming in treewells, rocky pockets etc

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