Rossland August Long weekend KC area, Neptune Creek and 7Summits short loop

Rossland Aug Long Weekend

It’s been awhile since we’ve been to Rossland. Probably 10 years… much has changed! They have a very active Trail Association – Kootenay Columbia Trail Society. . The KCTS works very hard on their signature 7 Summits trail, as well as maintenance on the growing network.

If you ride in Rossland a donation to the KCTS would be money well spent! You can donate directly, or through Trailforks. There are 5 main riding areas in Rossland which can keep you busy on a 3-4 day trip. 7 Summits, Neptune Creek, Monte Cristo/KC, Malde Creek and Red Mountain. You can ride to all these areas from town. A shuttle will, of course, decrease the amount of road riding by 10-20km.

We got a lot of good information not only from Trailforks but through Barry McLane’s guidebook which we bought at another must see spot – Revolution Cycles in the heart of downtonw Rossland

Day 3 and 4 – MonteCristo/KC and Neptune Creek Shuttles, 7 Summits to Plewman Descent.

Day 3 we did a xc ride from the campsite on the MonteCristo/KC area. Great little local area that we accessed again via the Centennial parking lot. In the afternoon we were going to pedal Neptune creek area but opted to shuttle since it was so hot. Neptune creek FSR is a well maintained road and the area makes for great odd man out shuttle loops of BS and Monticola.

Day 4 we rode a partial Seven Summits – climb Lepsoe – Elgood – Plewman then down the Plewman trail back to vehicle, really nice alpine ride on a steady climb and descended the rowdy Plewman trail. We parked one car at the Plewman trail exit and shuttled to the Seven Summits trailhead.

Each day we also ended with a swim at Nancy Green Provincial park. This small park also has camping but its not as nice as the Lions Campground, it is also 25km from Rossland and has no cell service.


Each day started with a good breakfast!

KC Climb from the campground

KC Descent was sketchy

The rest of the trails were nice and flowy.


Shuttles on Neptune FSR.

Monticola – Fast!

BS – more features!

75year BD Party for a local in the Lions Community Campground.

Oh and the Skookie dessert at the Steam Shovel


Our last day we were going to do the short 15km loop of 7Summits to Plewman.

Hut along the 7Summits

We climb

To 2200m

Take in the view

Enjoy the trail – Old Glory in the background


More views

Alpine flowers were out

Plewman descent started out steep and switchbacky, then got straight and fast

Back at the car. Great trip! Martin, Lee, Bryce, Toby, Anna, Seb and Ben.


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