Selkirk Backcountry Lodge – Day 2 and 3 – Bavarian and Come Now

Day two and three both came in cloudy making then a tree skiing days. Our destination was Bavarian and Come Now, one of the further ridges in the tenure. We started with a ski down Oasis, then up the Come Now ridge and down another valley to climb Bavarian, which we did two laps on, then we came back and up the Come Now ridge and Lee and I skied down Sweet Stuff couloir and the others skied down some trees beside us. Day three we did a couple of laps on Come Now then finished off with a run on Marten.

Every day started with a BIG breakfast that included MEAT, eggs, fruit and oatmeal. Today it was pancakes.

Selkirk Video Part 1

Then we get ready to go. Lee checks out the DPS’s in the snow!

Kate checks that our transcievers are working as we head to Oasis. You can see it’s a blustery day.

After we go down the valley we head up to Bavarian

The pow was DEEP!

After each run we stop for awhile to eat. Very relaxing.

Then we make the slow trek back up to ski!

Tom from Revy gets DEEP!

So do I.

Good terrain management! It was pretty bomber here. Shona and Dean and I think Peter

Lee on the top of Sweet stuff, you can see the Lodge on the ridge.

Reinet had an Alpine Threadworks pack! and a powder pig!

I got to try some 178 DPS Wailer 112’s but they were too short. Which was good for Deb since she used them all week instead of her BD Mystics which were a bit narrow for the pow we had. Kelly also tried these skis and bought them!

Kelly pretty happy to learn she was getting new skis! And happy to be cooking for us! of course.

After our hearty meal we had a hearty desert. yum

1400m climbing in 12.7km
7:55total time ( 4:00moving)

Selkirk Lodge -Bavarian and Sweet Stuff at EveryTrail

Day Three

Come Now has some fun stree skiing, the forest is really nice and its pretty steep!

Snow was still good even at 1600m

Trek back home

The full moon presented itself in the evening. Signs of things to come!?

1300m, 12.3km
8hrs Total ( 4 hours moving)

Selkirk Lodge – Come Now at EveryTrail

Selkirk Video Part One

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