Selkirk Lodge Day 3-4

April 16th – 23rd 2022.

Day 1 and 2 || Day 5 to 7

Day 3 we had pretty good vis so we were guided to Pink and Fluff far from the Lodge and returned via Wolverine which unfortunatly slid.
Day 4 vis wasn’t as good so we skied the treed pow runs of Balls of Chrome, Sweet Stuff, Come Now, Zena and Banana.


Typical start to the day


Konrad and Roger

Erik, Mark, Corey and Carrie

Back to the Lodge

Apres, Dinner and Lee’s desert!


Day 4.

Pow Day!

Breakfast and the Kitchen

Steve outside blowing snow

Getting ready to go to the treed area of Balls of Chrome, Come Now and Zena Banana

Lee and Konrad




We go back up

Dinner and Desert!

Map Overview

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