Selkirk Lodge – Day 5 and 6 – Oasis, Balls of Chrome, Marten, Pink Attempt

Day 5 was again overcast with low vis so we skied Lodge Run, Oasis, Balls of Chrome and Marten. More good pow! Day 6 suckered us in with ok vis in the morning so we attempted a Classic Selkirk Lodge run – Pink. It looked good to the top, then we dropped in and got shut down. TONS of snow on the backside, almost too much! If we could have seen it would have been good, but alas the skies did not cooperate and we had to climb back out and head back into the trees.

Part two of the Selkirk Video

Another Hearty breakfast from Kelly at Backcountry Bistro!

Then we gear up

and head up

top of the climb lookin good!

Dropping into the backside… not so much.

TONS of snow and low vis makes for tough skiing

Our tracks that you could see when the clouds cleared for two minutes.

Marco went down a bit further, then called it and had to come back up.

Shona and Dean from Calgary!

DEEP skin track out of Pink.

Once out we do a run down the Lodge run and stop for some food

Look! DPS’s!

Then we head to the trees for some POW! Shona getting some.

Kelly gets to ski too!

Lee in Sweet Stuff

Top of Marten for another run.

Shona and Dean

Reinet, our caretaker and Sister of the Hut owner, with an Alpine Threadworks pack.

Skiing down near Sweet Stuff

Lee and others on Balls of Chrome

Ron getting DEEP!

Happy Smiley faces!

Day 5

1250m, 10.7km

7 hrs total ( 3.5hrs moving)

Selkirk Lodge – Lodge Run, Oasis, Marten, Balls of Chrome at EveryTrail


1450m, 13km

8 hrs total time ( 4 hours moving time )

Selkirk Lodge – Pink attempt, Lodge Run, Oasis, Marten at EveryTrail


Part two of Selkirk Video

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