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Skylodge Adventure Suites in Peru.

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Well this was different. When Diego mentioned we could stay in the Skylodge, we asked what is that? He said its a hotel bolted to the side of the mountain. Oh, sure… We have never done a Via Ferrata, which is how you get there, nor have we Zip Lined, which is how you leave. So this was an interesting opportunity to do three new things!

Natura Vive is also considered one of the top 10 Adventure Lodges according to National Geographic.

Everything you need for the night you need to carry with you up the Via Ferrata. The Via Feratta climb to the pods is easy for non climbers if you are fit, not afraid of heights and open to adventure. It took as about an hour and a half to make the 400m elevation at a relaxed pace. It was like climbing up on ladders. If you wig out on the climb, there is a trail you can take. We were treated to a nice dinner, with a bottle of wine. We went to bed in our pods and enjoyed the night view. It was amazingly quiet considering we were above the road. In the morning we roped up to go to breakfast, then walked around for about an hour while our guides cleaned up. T

hen we Zip Lined back to the base. As one who has never climbed before this was a cool experience and one shouldn’t discount this experience if you have never climbed. It wasn’t that difficult and you were roped in the whole time. You were also accompanied by a guide. There are bathrooms in each pod. As well they had hot water and tea which was great for the morning. The bathroom’s are eco-friendly and may put some people off, considering where you are the methods they used were very good and sustainable.

This really is a cool experience.


The sky walk, this was about 2/3s of the way up

You had to have one of your carabiners hooked in at all times.

Heading up the Via Ferrata

Christian our guide, he also mountain bikes!

Arturo and Marianna, two Mexicans who had this on their Must Do’s while in Peru.

Soup starter and wine for dinner

Chicken and rice for dinner. The guides carried this up with them.

Chocolate cake and strawberries for desert.

Up with the daylight! Not really, my eye covers work great!

The platform above our pod

View down the Sacred Valley and Rio Urubamba from the pod

Commute to breakfast


View of the main pod

Our Guide Caesar, Lee, Sharon, Rosa, Marianna, Arturo and Christian, the other Guide.

View from the Shitter.

Time to Zip Line out! Rosa with Remy, the Photographer.

Christian getting me set up to go.

Marianna and Arturo zipping down.

Below the Sky Lodge is the Cerveceria Del Valle Sagrado. The Brewmaster went to Oregon to learn to Brew and opened up this Brewery! They also have very good food.

Cuy, or Guinnie Pig, common food in Peru

We drove to Cusco after the Skylodge, Lee practices some Yoga in front of another Inka ruin – Sacsaywaman.

Cusco Main Square.


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