Solice and Hindsight Zone 5 and 1 – Sol Mountain Lodge

Sol Mountain Touring

Day 6 Tour of Zone 5 and Day 7 Tour of Zone 2

The clouds started coming in shutting out the alpine, but this didn’t limit options at Sol Mountain Lodge. Since the snow was so good in the trees and the cold temps kept the lower elevations cool, we opted to tour out to Solice on Day 6, a run on the far eastern part of Zone 5 and Deep in Dept and back up Wall Street in Zone 2 on our last day. It did warm up today, balmy -10, we figure about 10cm of snow fell throughout the day with another 16 on day 7.

Breakfast awesomeness by Allison

Pine Martin followed us around!

Entrance to French Connection

Doug and Jaquie hiding from the wind

Navigating the entry cliffs to Solace

A bench! Really!

Lookers left of Solace entry, stay rightish…

There were a few spots to get in, skiers left might offer other routes.

Pow reward!


Pow reward!

Pow reward!

Pow reward!

Pow reward!

Pow reward!

Pow reward! Good to 1300m!

Doug had a cool Bothy Bag from Integral Designs that unfortunately doesn’t seem to be available.

Then Stu and Gareth showed up!

Skinned back up Norquay for a short lap then the long track back to Sol Mountain Lodge.

Sol Mountain Lodge.


Day 7 Zone 2 – Hindsight, Payback, climb up Wall Street to Laid Back

More snow in the morning

Went back to Zone 1, this time we skied down Hindsight.

Long pow run

Then a short skin up to ski Pay Back, good snow to 1400m!

The the skin back up Wall Street.

To Dinner back at the Lodge!

Jessie eyeing his cake!

Thanks to Allison our cook, Dave the Custodian and Adam who helped out! Thanks guys!

Part group shot before the 3rd flight took off. Some people skied before their flight.

Hail Snow Donkey!

Day 6 Route – Solace


Day 7 Route – Hindsight

Summary of our week

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