Duffey – Steep Creek – more Duffey Pow

March 6 Trip || March 26th Trip

Steep Creek. Further down the Duffy is another area that has some great skiing. Nice thing about this area is its easily accessed by a logging road! Seems pretty popular with sleds too.

It was supposed to be warmer today, but in this area the vis was mostly off and it snowed most of the day. The snow was still blower though!


Telli Tubby Tyler!




Video from Tyler


March 26th Steep Creek

Forcast was for incoming weather. We opted for Steep Creek where we could
go high if we could or stick to the trees! We were joined by Mike Mcarthur
and Louie Dawson

Bowl and tree shots around Darkside Lake

Skinning up East Bowl

Deskinning at the top as the clouds cover the sun

Descending in the flat light, Louie



Then the sun comes out for the skin up and round two!


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